'Why Did They Hate Us?': Explaining the Lynching Memorial to My Son

Is there any good way to teach children about lynching? After attending the opening of a powerful new memorial and museum, which together explore some of the most painful aspects of American history, I wondered about the prospect of returning there with my 12-year-old son. My more

See America’s First Memorial to its 4,400 Lynching Victims

Attempts to reckon with America’s history of racism have been difficult in the South, particularly the deep South states of Alabama and Mississippi. They are the onlytwo states that celebrate Martin Luther King and Robert E. Lee’s birth on the same day. But on more

The Grisly Story of America’s Largest Lynching

A mob of tens of thousands of angry men surrounded a New Orleans jail, shouting angry slurs and calling for blood. By the time they were done, 11 men would be dead—shot and mutilated in an act of brutal mob violence that took place in front of a cheering crowd. It was 1891, and more

The Brutal History of Anti-Latino Discrimination in America

Olvera Street is a Los Angeles icon—a thriving Mexican market filled with colorful souvenirs, restaurants and remnants of the oldest buildings in Los Angeles. But though the bright tourist destination teems with visitors, few realize it was once the site of a terrifying raid. In more

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